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If the path towards success is free from obstacles, then it will most likely lead to nowhere. One needs a strong passion to continue the fight no matter how hard you are hit. Remember it is only the winners who will rise up and keep moving forward no matter how hard they are hit. Everything good or bad starts from small beginnings and this is also true in building a strong business character. Remember it is only the winners who will raise up and keep moving forward no mater how hard they are hit. Everything good or bad starts from small beginnings  and this is also true in building a strong business character.


To mold a business character a person needs to continuously strive to acquire as much information as possible concerning almost everything. He or she is an all-round person with an idea of what happens in almost every field. He or She must acquire some basic skills as a matter necessity. The skills will help you to bring out the best from the society.

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Executive Summary
Pharmaceutical industry remains one of the most profitable businesses in East African region and world at large. Planning to become a pharmacy owner can be a daunting task. For many pharmacy professionals, the ultimate goal of a pharmacy career is ownership. However as reality downs on them, they come realize that ownership without the necessary managerial skills will lead to nowhere. Pharmacies are lucrative businesses with sure demands. By starting a pharmacy business and knowing the start up requirements, you will be able to make it big and earn big. When you're considering starting your own business, you have a choice of either, starting from scratch, buying an existing business, or looking at a business opportunity like a franchise. Owning and operating a franchise can be as much work as other options, and it can also be quite profitable. There are thousands of franchised businesses in the world, covering nearly every conceivable industry, from well-known national brands to smaller, local opportunities. However, in Kenya Franchise business remains unexploited field and this is the reason why over 90% of start up businesses collapse within three years of operation. By joining Ruai Pharmacy Franchise gives you the chance of finding your next dream business opportunity with near 100% success rate. Franchise ownership is a great way of running your own business because you can benefit from an established business process and instant recognition as a brand in pharmaceutical industry. Owning your own Ruai Pharmacy Franchise can greatly improve your chances of succeeding in business because the entire network stands to benefit from the highly professional and versatile team of experts trusted with making sound management policies. The Ruai Pharmacy Franchise community claims that all the Franchises fronted by Ruai Pharmaceuticals are still operating profitably. The challenges you face as an independent stand alone pharmacist, significantly impact your ability to compete and grow, from reimbursement pressures and limited marketing resources, to heightened competition from chain pharmacies. Ruai Pharmaceuticals unifies affiliated Franchises under a common brand, providing the collective strength to overcome these challenges and win in today's marketplace.


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Ruai Pharmaceuticals is a franchise based pharmaceutical company registered in the republic of Kenya, to among others manufacture, distribute, wholesale and retail all pharmaceutical products. The company has also embraced mobile money transfer system (m-pesa) among its flagship products. The company derives its synergy from its ever expanding franchise branch network. All we want is to assist you realize your long-term dreams and particularly financial freedom. The business opportunities that we offer you are tailor made to suite you and your lifestyle. The risks involved are minimal because you will be swimming in tested waters and a qualified team shall be there for you 24/7.

Pharmacy Franchise.
The ever expanding regional branch network is a big attraction to other investors with a regional outreach including Institutions, government bodies N.G.O’s and corporations
M-pesa Agency.

The innovation by Safaricom has been embraced by our company and as Safaricom dealers we feel privileged to have this product on our side since it is in line with our business model and that it will come handy in offering financial solutions to our existing and prospecting clients. The company has over fourty m-pesa stores country wide and intends to rise the number to one hundred stores in less than a year.
Online products and services including the mkwanja product is doing very well.
Headquarters situated at Thika Town within Nairobi Metropolis , the company has several franchise outlets  across the country including Kagio Franchise, Ruai Franchise, Gilgil Franchise, Kamulu Franchise and Thika Franchise. The company boasts of a highly qualified and experienced dispensing and administrative staff. With strength of over 30 members of staff, Ruai Pharmaceuticals remains a major stake holder in the pharmaceutical industry .

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